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What's a South Ghost?

South Ghost is a full servicing design and branding studio.  Our goal is to reveal the true “spirit” of your business by refining your brand and giving you a look that is all your own. Through skills in Graphic Design, Illustration, and Web Design, South Ghost has the tools to give you an identity and display it in a variety of different mediums. We love working on an already established brands, or starting from scratch by creating your logo and working our way up to digital media and print.

South Ghost is the english translation of  founder Sean Zee’s original last name, Zuidgeest. Sean has been doing freelance design for about 10 years. He studied graphic design at Kendall College of Art and Design. When he’s not designing, he takes on the role of lead singer for the popular alt/pop band The Outer Vibe. Check out his music HERE!

Sean Zee
Sean Zee
Mr. South Ghost



South Ghost
Want to brand yourself? We can help.


Graphic Design

With expertise in design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, South Ghost has the tools to prepare the spirit of your business for your audience.

Web Design

Primarily using WordPress as the back-end content management system. South Ghost has the skills in CSS (cascading styling sheets) and HTML to give your website a look and feel all its own. I’ve designed nearly twenty websites for business around the country and look forward to making plenty more.


I can draw! I’ve been illustrating for nearly all my life. Want a logo or design with more of an original/from scratch look. I can handle that. I love the organic process of sketching, inking, and transferring from the page to digital or print formats.


What can the Ghost do for you?

Logo Design

Give your business a recognizable emblem that will draw fans your way.


Need your brand to have clean unifying type? I can kern and track your fonts all the way home.

Photo Editing

Want to take your photography to new places? Photoshop is my homeboy.

Fully Responsive Web Sites

Isn’t it nice when your website looks great on your desktop, tablet, or phone. South Ghost can do that.

Merchandise Prep

Get your name on tee shirts, coffee mugs, and more…

SEO Optimized

Want your website to have the best possible ranking on google, bing, yahoo, etc…? No prob, Bob.


Want to sell products online. I can help you with that.

Truck Wraps and Billboards

Go big! I can help you take your brand and make it jumbo size!


Here's what we do.

Print Ready Rocket Records Graphic Design
TheHaunt_Billboard The Haunt Billboard 2014 Graphic Design
rcw trailer and sign Rapid Cycle Works Logo/Branding Graphic Design
RollerDerby-Logo_Concrete_half The Outer Vibe “Princess Of Sin” Branding Graphic Design · Illustration
StevenDobias_ResponsiveDesign Steven Dobias Website Web Design
The-Haunt-Billboard The Haunt Graphic Design
SpiritFish_ResponsiveDesign Spirit Fish Artwork Website Web Design
TOVStore_ResponsiveDesign The Outer Vibe Official Store Web Design
Sparks_Illustration Sparks The Rescue Illustration
SD_Card_Back Steven Dobias Logo/Business Card Graphic Design
UClub_LaptopDesign University Club of Grand Rapids Web Design
Watching-Eyes-Cover Watching Eyes Original Art Graphic Design
JS_Desktop Joshua Sikkema Films Website Web Design
HokaHey_Cover Hoka Hey (Package Design) Graphic Design
MonsterEP_Art_Small Monster EP (Package Design) Graphic Design
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